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  •        Management Review is a monthly academic periodical commenced by University of Chinese Academy of Sciences. It is one of the core periodicals approved by Management of National Natural Science Foundation Committee, cited by Chinese Social Sciences Citation Index (CSSCI), Chinese Science Citation Database (CSCD), and National Chinese Core Periodical.


           On the perspective, pragmatic and innovative purpose, based on interview on the frontier of management sciences, we devote to broadcasting and inheriting the new ideas in the field of management sciences, exploring new techniques and methods on the basis of management theory. We sustainably pay attention to the hot and difficult issues in the fields of enterprise management, public management, financial management and industrial organization, and gradually promote the development of management sciences and its applications.


           Management Review has been recognized as a top-level periodical in academic value and theoretical value in the fields of management sciences.


    The Development history of MR


         Global Management (Quarterly) was set up in 1989, one of the pioneering periodicals in Chinese Management Sciences. The object of GMR is mainly on follow-up report about macro economy cases till 1997. In the vol. 3 of 1997, the object is precisely described as, demanded by transition from the old system to the new, establishment and management of modern enterprises, and investing cooperation and development for multinational Corporations, GMR is periodicals for government officials, policy makers, specialists.


           Considering the rapid development of management sciences and practice of theory, GMR is change from quarterly into bi-monthly. The object is also changed. It is oriented to all kinds of requirements and problems in the exploring of decision-making and management for enterprises, enhancing the process of professionalization, rationalization and market-oriented, and promoting the healthy development of Management-Consulting Industry.


    To adapt the strong demand of management sciences and management consulting for modern enterprises, GMR is further changed into monthly periodical, gradually focusing on modernization, informatization, and globalization.


    The vol. 5 in 2002 is an important milestone for GMR. Management of National Natural Science has been the co-organized member of GMR. Professor Siwei Cheng, renowned management scientist, Vice-Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress of the People's Republic of China invited as Director of Editorial Committee, Dean of the School of Management of the Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Director of Management of National Natural Science is invited as Director of Editorial Committee of GMR. Several Members of Chinese Academy of Engineering and Directors of Business School are invited as member of GMR Editorial Committee.


    Approved by National Science and Technology Department and National News Publication Bureau in early spring of 2003, GMR is changed its name to Management Review.

    In the principle of foresighting, innovative and pragmatic, focusing on review on subject frontier, hot and difficult management issues in China, new thought, techniques and methods, important research results. It try to promote the experiences sharing either in success or in failure among enterprises abroad and home, so that make Management Review developed into comprehensive periodical oriented to enterprises, government officials and research fellows, etc..

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