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    Can Hog Price Index Insurance Inhibit Fluctuation in the Swine Cycle?
    Liao Pu, He Yeping, He Suyuan, Liu Xiangyu
    Management Review    2022, 34 (3): 31-40.  
    Abstract613)      PDF (1519KB)(205)      
    Given the underdevelopment of the hog futures market and the largest population of medium-sized farmers in China, hog price index insurance can be a constructive attempt to suppress the swine cycle by applying insurance methods. Based on an empirical analysis of hog supply and demand, this paper uses cobweb theory and ARMA model to predict the cycle of hog price and evaluates the effect of the index insurance on the cycle. The results show that the model fits well with the swine cycle, with the large cycle being about 4-6 years and the small cycle being about 5 to 14 months. Under the research framework of this paper, the hog price index insurance shows a significant inhibitory effect on the swine cycle, and within a reasonable range, the higher the pig-maize ratio is, the better the inhibition effect will be. The predictions of the swine cycle also indicate convergent cobweb characteristics, and the further the hog price deviates from equilibrium price, the more effective the hog price index insurance will be in inhibiting hog price fluctuations.
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    The Connotation and Relationship between Organizational Improvisation and Bricolage: An Integrative Literature Review
    Liu Hailong, Xu Wen
    Management Review    2022, 34 (7): 115-128.  
    Abstract591)      PDF (1386KB)(178)      
    Using currently available resources to execute a plan in real time, also known as improvisation, is an efficient way for entrepreneurship to deal with environmental uncertainty and resource scarcity. Organizational improvisation is often accompanied by bricolage, and the process of bricolage can easily lead to organizational improvisation. Although improvisation and bricolage research has gained momentum in the past decade, the literature is diverse and fragmented especially in terms of their connotation and relationship, thus hindering the development of improvisation and bricolage as a promising research area. Based on the research progress and development trend, this paper summarizes the definition elements of improvisation and bricolage, and presents an integrative definition of them. This paper also finds the symbiotic relationship between improvisation and bricolage, with overlapping connotations and multiple interactive relations, and they cause each other and change with each other in the process of enterprise development. Enterprises can take improvisation and bricolage as an important way to build core competitiveness in the rapidly changing environment of risks and uncertainty.
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    Research on Enterprise Digital Maturity Model
    Wang Hecheng, Wang Siwei, Liu Renhuai
    Management Review    2021, 33 (12): 152-162.  
    Abstract505)      PDF (1423KB)(1132)      
    Nowadays, digital technology has gradually dominated the technological development. To catch up with this fast-growing dynamic digitalization trend, most enterprises have initialized their digital transformation, which has attracted wide attention of the society. In the process of digitalization, to seek the most adaptive solution to advance the transformation, it becomes vital for each enterprise to identify the current digitalization level of its own. Based on the analysis of the connotation and essence of digitalization and enterprise digital transformation, this paper explores the concept of enterprise digital maturity in combination with the actual needs. Then research team identifies key process areas and specific evaluation metrics through literature research and panelist review. Further, a digital maturity model (DMM) is developed. This model includes five key process areas (strategy and organization, infrastructure, business process and management digitalization, integrated integration, digital performance), 19 primary indicators and 63 secondary indicators. Compared with the current domestic and international evaluation models, this DMM can better present the changes of enterprise operational pattern and the comprehensive fusion and system application of digital technology under the digital commercial ecology. Not only can it provide researchers with insights on digital emerging phenomena, but provide methods and tools for enterprises to assess their digital integration, helping them to establish strategic goals and implementing programs for digital transformation.
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    Supply Chain Integration and NPD Performance: The Impacts of Ambidextrous Innovation and Technological Turbulence
    Yang Linbo, Gan Chenjing
    Management Review    2022, 34 (6): 130-142.  
    Abstract401)      PDF (1352KB)(305)      
    Based on resource dependence theory,the current research develops a moderated two-mediator-mediation model.In a sample of 233 independent companies from the mainland of China,study results almost confirm our suggestions.We find that supply chain integration is not only directly but also indirectly related with new product development (NPD) performance through exploratory innovation (path one) conditionally,and the mediation effect is stronger under high technological turbulence than under low one.However,supply chain integration is directly but not indirectly related with NPD performance through exploitative innovation (path two) conditionally,and the mediation effect is significant just under mean technological turbulence.Meanwhile,through subgroup comparative statistical analysis,we draw the conclusion that the significant moderated mediation effect of exploratory innovation is superior to the insignificant moderated mediation effect of exploitative innovation under all values of technological turbulence.The current research clarifies that supply chain integration is suggested to indirectly associate with NPD performance,through ambidextrous innovation in parallel,with the strength of these indirect linkages hinging on the technological turbulence.The empirical implication of this research is that top managers can choose a suitable innovation pattern to improve NPD performance by employing supply chain resources according to the conditions of technological turbulence.
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    The Bilateral Market Governance Path of Platform Economy Anti-monopoly——Based on the Case Study of Alibaba Monopoly Event
    Chen Tingqiang, Shen Jiaxian, Yang Qinghao, Hu Yi
    Management Review    2022, 34 (3): 338-352.  
    Abstract364)      PDF (2622KB)(413)      
    On April 10, 2021, the State Administration for Market Regulation imposed a fine of RMB18.228 billion on Alibaba for its monopoly behavior, which aroused people’s attention to the monopoly of platform economy. This paper takes Alibaba monopoly event as the case study object, comprehensively sorts out the anti-monopoly background at home and abroad, the related events of Alibaba monopoly event and the impact of the event, and reveals the necessity and importance of platform economy anti-monopoly. Focusing on the anti-monopoly governance of platform economy, this paper analyzes the bilateral market model of platform economy and the relationship between platform economy monopoly and data, and analyzes the causes of platform economy monopoly behavior based on the theory of bilateral market. Based on this, this paper deeply explores the characteristics of platform economy monopoly and the difficulties in anti-monopoly regulation of platform economy. In addition, from the perspective of bilateral market regulation, the relevant paths and measures in relation to bilateral market governance are proposed, such as strengthening the precise definition of platform economy monopoly market, consummating the unified identification of platform economy monopoly behavior, and improving the actual effect of platform economy monopoly regulation. This study has theoretical significance and practical value for the further development of anti-monopoly regulation of Chinese platform economy.
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    Business Model Diversification and the Mechanism of Value Creation: Resource Synergy or Context Interconnection? A Case Study of Meituan from 2010 to 2020
    Jiang Jihai, Tang Qian, Wang Fengquan
    Management Review    2022, 34 (1): 306-321.  
    Abstract341)      PDF (1647KB)(523)      
    Business model diversification is a typical innovation path for companies seeking value creation, but the causes and consequences of its value creation are still unclear. This paper starts from a new perspective of business model contextualization, discussing the value drivers of business model diversification and the intrinsic mechanism of value creation. First of all, through the coding of case materials, we recognize three value drivers of business model diversification: time-based context interconnection (such as frequency, time, continuity, etc.), space-based context interconnection (such as location-based services, efficient connection, etc.), and proposition-based context interconnection (such as user portrait, functional needs, emotional needs, etc.). Secondly, based on the theoretical basis of service-dominant logic, network effects, and customer collaboration, combined with the case of Meituan, this paper deeply analyzes the intrinsic mechanism of the effect of various value drivers on value creation. Finally, the theoretical framework of the relationship between the value drivers of business model diversification and the results of value creation is summarized. The results of this study show that time-based context interconnection provides users with a one-stop consumption experience, and promotes the increase in the number of users, conversion rate, transaction frequency and other indicators; space-based context interconnection provides diversified and three-dimensional insight into consumer demand and reduces transaction cost, can increase user stickiness, transaction frequency, customer unit price, and monetization rate; proposition-based context interconnection provides users with accurate overall solutions and more value, and promotes the increase in the number of users, conversion rate, customer unit price, monetization rate and other indicators. The three value drivers work together to enhance the creation of value in context.
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    Impacts of Paradoxical Leadership Behavior on Employee Creativity
    Tao Houyong, Wu Qianqian, Hu Wenfang
    Management Review    2022, 34 (2): 215-227.  
    Abstract340)      PDF (1374KB)(349)      
    Based on social cognitive theory and the dual pathway to creativity model, this paper explores the mechanism of how paradoxical leadership behavior influences employees’ creativity from the perspective of employees’ behavioral response, adopts questionnaire survey data including 256 leader-subordinates dyads from Wuhan, Guangzhou, Suzhou etc. Specifically, this study investigats the mediating role of employees’ hard work and smart work, the moderating role of employees’ regulatory focus between paradoxical leadership behavior and employees’ creativity. The results show that paradoxical leadership behavior has significant positive influence on employees’ creativity. Employees’ hard work and smart work partly mediates the relationship between paradoxical leadership behavior and employees’ creativity. Employees’ one-dimensional regulatory focus negatively moderates the relationship between paradoxical leadership behavior and employees’ hard/smart work. Furthermore, employees’ one-dimensional regulatory focus negatively moderates the indirect effect of paradoxical leadership behavior on employees’ creativity via employee hard/smart work. Paradoxical leadership behavior has a stronger positive effect on employees’ hard work when employees have both high promotion and high prevention regulatory focus. This paper enriches the influence mechanisms of paradoxical leadership behavior on employees’ creativity and echoes the call for further exploring the boundary conditions of the effectiveness of paradoxical leadership.
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    Critical Success Factors for Internationalization of Chinese Chain Retailers: The Case of MINISO
    Tian Xin, Xu Shaodi, E Erjiang, Wu Zhaosong, Ye Guofu
    Management Review    2021, 33 (12): 339-352.  
    Abstract313)      PDF (2123KB)(408)      
    Internationalization is one of the most intensive trends among many retailing magnates in recent decades. However, there are few successfully internationalized retailing enterprises in China and few researches are conducted in the context of Chinese retailing industry. This paper examines the internationalization process including business model and critical incidents of MINISO, a Chinese chain retailing enterprise that has internationalized at a fast speed rarely seen, and identifies critical success factors for its internationalization based on Wuli-Shili-Renli system approach. We show that MINISO, under the guide of virtual retail enterprise model, rolls out stores globally through franchise system innovation, supply chain integration and brand exportation externally and improves the value of its supply chain and brand internally by utilizing ambidextrous innovation capability. This paper enriches the retail internationalization study by adding Chinese cases into the analytic framework, and indirectly proposes a strategic decision-making model of retail internationalization.
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    Research on Chinese Employees' Fear of Missing Out Based on Grounded Theory: Connotation, Structure and Formation Mechanism
    Shi Guanfeng, Wen Mei, Fang Zhibin, Niu Yulin, Tang Jie
    Management Review    2022, 34 (5): 176-187.  
    Abstract294)      PDF (1309KB)(130)      
    At present, the price paid for "missing" in the work situation makes employees more afraid of missing something. The anxiety caused by this fear of missing out (FoMO) has become a common and potentially influential phenomenon. In order to gain a deeper understanding of the performance and causes of FoMO in Chinese employee groups, this research uses constructive grounded theory,and such methods as interviews and content analysis to explore the connotation and structure of Chinese employees' FoMO. It is found that as a comprehensive anxiety caused by fear of missing out job information, workplace relationship, career development opportunities and job welfare, FoMO is characterized by the contradiction resulting from the rule-vs-sympathy game, the persistence generated by threat awareness, and the diversity of the "relationship" that triggers employees' FoMO. On this basis, this study also proposes a model of the formation path of Chinese employees' FoMO. The results extend the research of Chinese employees' FoMO to a new field and lay a foundation for the study of FoMO in Chinese work situations.
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    Economic Policy Uncertainty and Corporate Social Responsibility
    Wang Yonghai, Hao Xiaomin
    Management Review    2022, 34 (2): 18-32.  
    Abstract290)      PDF (1339KB)(197)      
    Based on the sample of Chinese A-share listed companies from 2010 to 2017, this paper examines how economic policy uncertainty affects corporate social responsibility. Empirical results show that the more uncertain economic policies are, the greater extent to which companies are to assume corporate social responsibility. The conclusion is still valid after endogenous treatment and robustness test. This relationship is more pronounced for companies with lower internal control levels and greater earnings volatility. This relationship is more pronounced in state-owned enterprises, and it is more pronounced in non-state-owned enterprises with political connections and in areas with high level of government intervention. Economic policy uncertainty affects the degree of fulfillment of corporate social responsibility by affecting systematic risk faced by companies. The conclusion shows that, in the face of external economic policy uncertainty, on the one hand, companies may use social responsibility fulfillment as a tool to respond to the risk based on their own management risk. On the other hand, the government has incentive to guide companies to actively fulfill social responsibility in order to better achieve government goals when economic policy uncertainty rises.
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    The U-shaped Impact of Perceived Over-qualification on Employee Creative Deviance: The Paradox Perspective
    Wang Zhaohui, Duan Haixia
    Management Review    2022, 34 (1): 218-227.  
    Abstract273)      PDF (1251KB)(327)      
    Employees’ skills, knowledge and experiences are important factors to promote their innovation. However, researches show that a large number of employees’ skills, abilities, education and experience are neither required nor utilized on the job. Based on a paradox theory, this study proposes that there is a U-shaped relationship between perceived overqualification and individual paradox mindset, and it in turn plays a non-linear mediating role between perceived overqualification and creative deviance, so it is necessary to further investigate the moderating role of individuals’ experience of tensions. We collect 287 individuals questionaire data and the results show that (1) there is a U-shaped relationship between perceived overqualification and employees’ paradox mindset. (2) paradox mindset plays a non-linear mediating role between perceived overqualifications and employees’ creative deviance. (3) individuals’ experience of tensions modertes the U-shaped relationship. When individuals have strong conflict experience, the negative or positive relationship between perceived overqualification and paradox mindset tends stronger. (4) individuals’ experience of tensions moderates the curvilinear indirect effect through which perceived overqualification affects employee creative deviance behavior. This study enriches the non-linear mechanism of perceived overqualification on employees’ positive behaviors and finds that paradox mindset plays an important role in promoting employees’ creative deviance. The results of this study suggest that human resource managers should cultivate individual paradox mindset and guide employees to effectively integrate the tension between positive emotions and negative emotions when there is a mismatch between people and their position.
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    Supply Chain Finance Business Model, Scenario Innovation and Risk Avoidance: Based on “Orange Staging” Case Study
    Li Jian, Qu Ke, Tian Xin, Gao Ying, Cai Baoxiang
    Management Review    2022, 34 (2): 326-335.  
    Abstract269)      PDF (2178KB)(298)      
    Supply chain finance business model realizes value creation through scenario innovation. In supply chain finance, the key to business model innovation is to solve the problems of credit transmission and risk. This paper aims to explore the motivation, path, mechanism of action and risk avoidance measures of supply chain financial model innovation. First of all, business model innovation is driven by business development model innovation and scenario innovation. At the same time, the process of scenario innovation may trigger credit transfer risks. Based on the case analysis of “orange staging”, this paper proposes a supply chain financial scenario-innovative business model, and discusses the innovation mechanism and risk aversion methods of the credit transfer mechanism under this supply chain financial model in the hope of providing the supply chain finance industry with deeper enlightenment on the concept of “scene innovation”, so as to better promote the healthy development of supply chain real economy and supply chain finance.
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    The Development and Prospect of Team Faultlines: The Evolution Trajectory from Static to Dynamic
    Du Juan, Lin Xinyue, Zhao Shuming
    Management Review    2022, 34 (1): 180-190.  
    Abstract264)      PDF (1827KB)(265)      
    Given the fact that team as a work unit is generally viewed more positively compared to individuals and diversification has become an important characteristic underlying a team, it is necessary, both theoretically and practicaly, to study team faultlines from the perspective of combined characteristics of individuals. The existing researches on team faultlines have inconsistent conclusions on its connotation, state and efficiency mechanism. Based on a detailed review of the concept, classification, measurement and efficiency mechanism of team faultlines, this paper theoretically studies the dynamics of team faultlines based on the event system theory, discusses the activation process, time effectiveness and the development of subgroup solidification, and captures the evolution trajectory of team faultlines, thus opening up a new direction for the team faultlines research.
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    Mergers and Acquisitions under Financial Constraints: Agency Problem, Cautious Investment or Signal Transmission?
    Li Shanmin, Yang Ruoming
    Management Review    2022, 34 (1): 3-16.  
    Abstract247)      PDF (1289KB)(275)      
    This paper uses the 2009-2015 China A-share listed company merger and acquisition (M&A) events as research samples to explore the motivations of mergers and acquisitions under financial constraints. In addition to Agency Theory and Caution Investment Hypothesis of the existing researches, this paper proposes a Signal Transmission Hypothesis to test the impact of financial constraints on the consequences of M&A. We find that the higher degree of financing constraints faced by an acquirer, the better short-term M&A performance and the worse long-term M&A performance it will have, indicating that the M&A events under financing constraints can be better explained by the Signal Transmission Theory. Further research finds that the above effects are more pronounced in non-state-owned enterprises and cash-payment M&A events; the signal will have a positive effect for about 14 months and then the positive effect will gradually weaken until it becomes negative after the 29th month. This study believes that it is necessary to deepen the reform of the financial system and release private enterprises from information asymmetry and extra cost. Only by solving the financing constraints of enterprises can they be provided good conditions for long-term development.
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    An Exploration of How the Crossover of Time-honored Brands Impacts Young Consumers' Brand Attitudes
    Wang Desheng, Li Tingting, Han Jie
    Management Review    2022, 34 (2): 203-214,227.  
    Abstract238)      PDF (1473KB)(231)      
    It’s important for time-honored enterprises to choose appropriate crossover products favored by young people before they engage in crossover marketing. Despite the burgeoning research on brand crossover, the literature lacks an in-depth understanding of crossover mechanism. Thus, based on association-demand theory, this paper investigates the psychological mechanism of how brand crossover affects young consumers’ brand attitudes. The results show that there is an interaction effect between crossover marketing and the degree of difference-seeking. That is, when consumers with a high degree of difference-seeking encounter the “element grafting” type of brand crossover, or consumers with a low degree of difference-seeking encounter co-branding, their perceptions of innovation and brand attitude are more positive. In addition, cultural identity has a moderating effect on this interaction effect. The findings provide theoretical and practical guidance for time-honored enterprises in renewing the value of their brands.
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    Suppression Mechanism of Top-down Effect of Leader's Moral Example——“Funneling Effect” Model from the Perspective of Approach/Avoidance Motivation Theory
    Zhao Shusong
    Management Review    2021, 33 (12): 240-251.  
    Abstract236)      PDF (1328KB)(162)      
    The value of organizational ethics management has drawn much attention from the public. Meanwhile, the public has high expectation on leaders as moral examples. According to the evolution logic from environmental stimuli to the self-identity, this paper discusses the suppression mechanism of the moral influences of leaders on their subordinates based on approach-avoidance motivation theoretical framework. In this paper, it is believed that physical suppression, social undermining and recognition suppression are main obstacles that restrict the demonstrative influences of leaders' moral examples, and cause the "funneling effect" during the process of top-down effect of moral influence. According to the problems of the three major suppression mechanisms, a comprehensive function model to restrict the top-down effect of leaders' moral is established. Finally, the theoretical significance, management inspiration and directions for future studies are discussed.
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    The Impact of Self-sacrificial Leadership on Employees' Work-Family Balance: A Chain Mediating Model and the Moderating Effect of Collectivism Orientation
    Qu Yiying, Xu Zhenting, Yan Jiaqi
    Management Review    2021, 33 (12): 272-283.  
    Abstract236)      PDF (1307KB)(296)      
    While a growing number of studies focus on work-family balance in the context of the people's ever-growing needs for a better life and the enterprises development, few of them have conducted a complete research into the mechanism of how self-sacrificial leadership impacts on employees' work-family balance. Drawing from the work-family balance theory, this study proposes a full mediation chain model that self-sacrificial leadership positively influences work-family balance through leader-based self-esteem and work-family enrichment, and further examines the moderating effect of collectivism orientation. Based on data resulting from 231 employees' sample, we conclude that self-sacrificial leadership indirectly promotes work-family balance. The significantly positive relationship between self-sacrificial leadership and work-family balance is mediated in tandem by leader-based self-esteem and work-family enrichment. In addition, collectivism orientation plays a positive moderating role in the relationship between self-sacrificial leadership and leader-based self-esteem.
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    The Effect of Picture Presentation on Consumer's Attention and Approach Behavior
    Wu Ruijuan, Ou Xiaoqian, Li Dongjin
    Management Review    2021, 33 (12): 176-186.  
    Abstract231)      PDF (1961KB)(327)      
    The current study focuses on two types of picture presentation, human model picture presentation and product picture presentation, and examines the effect of picture presentation on consumer's attention and approach behavior through three studies. Study 1 is an eye-tracking experiment. Results of Study 1 show that people pay more attention to human model picture of appearance-related product than that of appearance-unrelated product; there is no significant difference of attention for product picture between two types of products. Study 2 and Study 3 are laboratory experiments. Results of Study 2 show that the interaction effects of picture presentation and product category on approach behavior are significant. Furthermore, the interaction effects of picture presentation and product category are mediated by mental simulation. Results of Study 3 replicate the results of Study 2, and precludes the mediating effects of product performance uncertainty and product presentation helpfulness.
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    Energetic Learning: The Effect of Organizational Identification and Thriving at Work on Innovation Performance
    Guo Shenghao, Hu Qianqian
    Management Review    2022, 34 (1): 205-217.  
    Abstract231)      PDF (1332KB)(232)      
    As the implementation subjects of organizational innovation, the innovation performance of employees has attracted enormous attention in management research and practice. However, external innovation-oriented management often works for short-term innovation performance only. The active and long-term one that organizations expect requires endogenous initiative of employees and the help of knowledge learning and spiritual vitality. Based on the theory of social identification, we study the effect of employee organizational identification on their innovation performance, especially focusing on the mediating role of thriving at work and the moderation role of servant leadership. Using questionnaire survey data including 202 leader-subordinate dyads which are collected in four batches, the hypotheses are tested by the method of structural equation of latent variables based on partial least squares (PLS-SEM). The results show that: organizational identification is significantly and positively related to employee innovation performance through the mediation of thriving at work, in which the mediating role of learning dimension is more prominent than vitality dimension. In addition, servant leadership moderates the indirect effect of organizational identification on innovation performance via thriving at work, that is, the indirect effect is stonger under the condition of higher servant leadership, and the moderation effect of learning dimension is more prominent than vitality dimension. These fingings provide several implications on inspiring initiative of employees and sustainable development.
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    Case Study on the Mechanism of Industrial Internet Platform Enablement to Promote the Construction of Digital Business Ecosystem
    Sun Xinbo, Zhang Mingchao, Wang Yongxia
    Management Review    2022, 34 (1): 322-337.  
    Abstract225)      PDF (1541KB)(234)      
    This study adopts the exploratory case study method, takes Haier COSMOPlat as the case study object, and explores the mechanism of industrial internet platform enablement to promote the construction of digital business ecosystem. The study finds: (1) From the perspective of “Fan-Management”, the industrial internet platform and data value nodes, data value chains, and data value networks have a symmetrical adaptation consistency in self-discovery/anti-discovery, and they are also in the same way from self-discovery to anti-discovery in deepening inheritance. From the perspective of “Fan-Management”, the industrial internet platform is unified with data value nodes, data value chains and data value networks. This is doomed to the inevitable feasibility of the realization of organizational enablement, structural enablement and field enablement; (2)The realization of enablement follows the process path of “data resource actions-data capabilities generation-ecological value realization”; (3)Industrial internet platform realizes organizational enablement, structural enablement and field enablement to complete the ecological strategic tasks of data value node deployment, data value chain cultivation and data value network architecture. The value structure system interwoven by data value nodes, data value chains and data value networks reflects the construction and formation of digital business ecosystem. (4) Structural enablement is based on further vertical value expansion based on organizational enablement, and field enablement is based on further horizontal value expansion based on structural enablement.
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