›› 2016, Vol. 28 ›› Issue (7): 252-260.

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江积海, 李琴   

  1. 重庆大学经济与工商管理学院, 重庆 400030
  • 收稿日期:2015-11-12 出版日期:2016-07-28 发布日期:2016-09-01
  • 作者简介:江积海,重庆大学经济与工商管理学院教授,硕士生导师,博士;李琴,重庆大学经济与工商管理学院硕士研究生
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Effect of Connection Attributes of Platform-based Business Model Innovation on Value co-creation Based on Case Study of Airbnb

Jiang Jihai, Li Qin   

  1. School of Economics and Business Administration, Chongqing University, Chongqing 400030
  • Received:2015-11-12 Online:2016-07-28 Published:2016-09-01



关键词: 平台型商业模式, 价值网+, 连接属性, 价值共创, Airbnb


This paper aims to explore effect and mechanism of how structural features and connection attributes of the stakeholders affect value co-creation. Firstly, we propose "Value Network Plus" formed by two levels of supply and requirement stakeholders, and then emphatically introduce different characteristics between "Value Network Plus" and traditional Value Network (or Alliance Network). At the same time, we creatively bring in new perspective of "point-edge-net" of "Graph Theory", and summarize resource properties, including resource variety and resource heterogeneity, through "point" dimension; generalize connection strength and connection transparency through "edge" dimension; draw network intensity through "net" dimension. Then, according to advanced theory, such as Value Co-creation, Sharing Economy, Composition-based View, we explore internal motivation of effects from the above five connection attributes of "Value Network Plus" on value co-creation, and put forward three propositions. Finally, we use normative case study method to analyze Airbnb to prove hypotheses that we proposed. The findings show that higher level of resource abundance, relationship strength and network intensity can effectively promote sharing resource, innovating knowledge among the platform members and ultimately realize value co-creation.

Key words: platform-based business model, value network plus, connection attributes, value co-creation, Airbnb